Salish Sea Hospice Project

Death is the completion of a cycle of experience, the completion of a story. Death is the release of the body and the gravity of human existence. Ultimately, death is a process of letting go and returning to a more natural state of being.... continued

What Is Companioning?

Companioning is a model of death care that allows you to connect with a loved one or a client throughout the dying process and after death. Companioning diminishes fear, allays anxiety and reduces medication. Companioning speaks of a desire to release the human story and die whole. Companions use the skill of Dreamwalking to be present at the deathbed like never before.

Someone you know is dying. You are asked to sit at the deathbed. What skill do you bring?

The chances are better than ever that someone close to you is in the final year of life. How would you know? How do they know, when to stop treatment and begin the process of dying?  

... continued

The manner of your dying, the way you die, the way your death unfolds follows big things.

At the end of life, it's no surprise that big things and small ones, the things you thought were buried in the backyard of life, would surface. And they do.

... continued



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