Salish Sea Hospice Project

The Project makes an assertion, a reminder that death is a knowable thing, familiar in an unfamiliar way — not something to fear or fight.

Understanding the non-ordinary states of awareness that accompany death is the foundation of Dreamwalking.

Dreams are the energetic pathways that connect the physical and the non-physical realms. Dying people look for these pathways to carry them across the threshold. Dreamwalking helps the dying person to orient themselves to the non-physical realms.

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Dying folks have an obligation–to show the rest of us how to die well.

For the most part, they aren't. This has become a cultural dilemma. What is there to learn about death from fighting disease? Or assisted death? Let us call on the Mythic Senses to create some new stories.

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An expected death in the home calls for more than care-giving.

Companioning is a way for you to be present at the deathbed and learn from the best teacher you will ever have. We don't teach dying people to die—that's their job. Yours is to encourage them to engage the death process.

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Death in an old energy world is characterized by struggle, disease, dementia, over medication. Dreamwalker™ Death Transitions acknowledges the time is right for a deeper understanding of death and its place in life.





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