Salish Sea Hospice Project

Once upon a time, before the days of chronic disease and medically managed death, before the fear of dying became the rampant thing it is now, most folks died at home. Unlike now, death was seldom preceded by a collapse of the body or the loss of a mind. Dying persons came to their dying days... continued


  • Companioning A Wild Death Fall 2017

Companioning A Wild Death is a model of death care that avoids the zoo of medicalized dying and assisted suicide. Anecdotal evidence (our experience at the deathbed) tells us that the presence of a Companions allays fear, lessens anxiety and reduces the need for medication. Companioning gives death a chance to be whole—like it is in the Wild.

Someone you know is dying. You are asked to sit at the deathbed. What skill do you bring?

Companioning is model of death care that calls for deep understanding of the death transition. Death could be the teacher, maybe the best one, perhaps the only real one you'll ever have.        


The manner of your dying, the way you die, the way your death unfolds follows big things.

At the end of life, it's no surprise that big things and small ones, the things you thought were buried in the backyard of life, would surface. And they do.

Letting go of every thing and releasing the Human story is the greatest challenge we face at death. Without release, dying whole is not possible. When we let go of the story then ease can take the place of dis-ease and grace can replace struggle.


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